Cottonwood Creek Property

Lakeview, Oregon

~ 1,600 Deeded Acres


A beautiful timber and grazing tract tucked in the southwest edge of the Fremont National Forest

Lakeview Cottonwood Creek Property, Lakeview Oregon

The Lakeview Cottonwood Creek Property is a beautiful 1600-acre timber and grazing tract tucked in the Southwest edge of the Fremont National Forest. The deeded land is comprised of approximately 195 acres of irrigated and sub irrigated pasture with surface water rights decreed to irrigating 157.8 acres, about 800 acres of timber land, and approximately 605 acres of mountain range land. The owners also have a Special Use Permit to graze 1,175 acres of USFS land that borders the deeded land. The USFS land borders the deeded land on three sides for 4.5 miles. The permit allows for 42 cow/calf pairs to graze from June 15 to October 15. The irrigated pasture land is fenced separately from the range land and the outside border of the USFS allotment is unfenced natural boundary.

Price & Terms: $1,280,000 - Cash at Closing; Real Estate Taxes: $2,609.39



Cottonwood Creek and Misman Creek converge on this property from which the irrigation water rights are derived. There are also springs and seeps on the property. Elevations on the deeded land range from about 5740' to 5100'.




Access & Utilities

The property is located 14 miles Northwest of Lakeview, Oregon. It’s accessed by traveling west from Lakeview 6 miles on highway 140, then north on gravel county road to USFS road 3870. There is no winter snow removal from the USFS road, which makes conventional access seasonal. There is no electric power or other utilities to the property. There are areas on the property where cell phone service reception is accessible.


Lakeview, Oregon is an attractive community with a population of about 2,300. They boast a quality school system from Kindergarten through High School. Lakeview is the County Seat for Lake county. Most all service are found in Lakeview including shopping, an auto dealership, a farm machinery dealership and medical services, including the Lake District Hospital.

The main industries in Lake county are agriculture, logging and lumber production, government activities and tourism. HUNTING AND RECREACIAN: Big game hunting in Lake County and the Lakeview area includes elk, mule deer, black bear and cougar. This property currently qualifies for Land Owner Preference Tags: 3 elk and 3 mule deer. Game Bird hunting includes upland birds, waterfowl and turkey.

Livestock Grazing Capacity

The property has been leased to an area rancher the last several years for livestock grazing. For the grazing season in past years the lessee has turned out 60 head of yearlings on the irrigated pasture beginning the 1st to the 15th of April. The yearlings graze the irrigated pastures until the First of August when they are taken off the property. Approximately 115 cows with calves turn out the first of June and remain on the property until the middle of October. Variable weather conditions from year to year can cause adjustments in grazing plans. The Lessee has certified the property as “Organic” which enables him to market his calves as “Organic.” CARING CAPACITY WILL VARY FROM YEAR TO YEAR SUBJECT TO WEATHER CONDITIONS AND MANAGEMENT.


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