Ranch - SOLD

Ontario, Oregon

~ 115 Deeded Acres


Well-maintained ranch, comfortable home, wood barn, working corrals, feed lot.

Corrigall Ranch - Ontario, Oregon

The property is located at 923 Onion Avenue approximately mid-way between Ontario and Vale. The distance to Ontario from the property is approximately 10 miles and the distance to Vale is approximately 7 miles. The Boise Idaho International Airport is approximately 60 miles from Ontario. The distance to Portland, Oregon is approximately 375 miles and approximately 260 miles to Bend, Oregon.

Price & Terms: $1,575,000 - All Cash at Closing



The Corrigall Ranch is a well-maintained ranch consisting of approximately 115 deeded acres, a comfortable 3100 SF home, one wood barn, working corrals and a small feed lot. There is also an older home that is not livable retained intact to preserve a future building permit.




Land Characteristic & Weather Conditions

The elevation at the property’s entry is 2,270 FT and rises to 2,400 FT on the south portions of the property where the main home is located. There are approximately 42 acres of high-quality crop land fronting Onion Avenue ranging from 0% to 2% slopes. From there going to the south portions of the property the land varies from modest slopes, to undulating with 12% to 20% slopes. The varying land topography along with the irrigated alfalfa fields, irrigated grass pastures and excellent management provide one of the most attractive and well-maintained properties in the Ontario/Vale areas. The secluded and elevated location of the main home is exceptional. The annual precipitation in the Ontario, Oregon area is approximately 10 inches and the growing season is approximately 170 days.


Irrigation Water Rights & Equipment

The Owyhee Irrigation District provides the irrigation water to the Corrigall Ranch. The water rights are for 112 assessed acres. The annual assessment is $70.00 per acre. The assessment for 2022 was $7,840.00.

Irrigation Equipment included with the sale offering is as follows:

  • 1- 2 Tower Valley Center Pivot with 2 End Gun (Installed in 2015)
  • 1- 3 Tower Valley Center Pivot with 2 End Gun (Installed in 2015)
  • 1- 3 Tower Valley Center Pivot with 2 End Gun (Installed in 2021)
  • 1- 4 Tower Valley Center Pivot “bender” with 2 End Gun (Installed in 2021)
  • 14 Solid Set Sprinklers
  • Approximately 5,280 lineal feet of gated pipe
  • 1- 7 hp electric pump
  • 1- 15 hp electric pump
  • 1- Rotating screen with electric motor and 1 hp electric pump

Farm & Livestock Operation

The crops currently grown on the property are approximately 69 acres of alfalfa hay, approximately 35 acres of irrigated grass pasture and approximately 8 acres of dry native pasture.

The buildings, corrals/feed lot and road up to the main home takes up the remaining acres of land. Under the owner’s management the alfalfa hay production has been averaging 7 tons to 8.5 tons per acre per year. The owners lease out the irrigated pasture to a local rancher. The pasture has been carrying 38 cow/calf pairs beginning the 3rd week of April through the end of November.

The owner has been selling the alfalfa hay on the stump to a local farmer rather than him owning and operating the equipment to harvest the hay.

The owner does the irrigating and caring for the cattle.


The building improvements include the following:

  • The main home is a comfortable 3100 SF home built in 2007. It is a two-story wood frame home with quality construction. The main floor has 2,569 Sf and the upper floor has 534 SF. The rooms include: kitchen – living room – family room – 4 bedrooms – 3 ½ bathrooms – Sun room – laundry room – small storage room – attached 2 car garage.
  • 1 wood barn – corrals and a small feed lot with 120 head capacity.

Area Profile

The Ontario-Vale area has a strong history in the agriculture industry in both high value crops and livestock production. The crops commonly grown in the area are onions, potatoes, sugar beets, grain corn, silage corn, alfalfa hay and wheat.

Producers Livestock Auction, one of the major livestock auctions in the Treasure Valley is located at Vale. St Alphonsus Hospital is located at Ontario along with other medical services and clinics. The county seat is at Vale.

Schools from elementary to High School are located in both Ontario and Vale. The Corrigall Ranch is right on the border of both school districts. This enables the option for parents to choose the schools for their children to attend.